Anglo American Platinum – Warning to Suppliers Relating to Procurement Scams


Good day

Anglo American Platinum wishes to advise all suppliers of ongoing procurement-related scams and advise extreme caution when receiving and responding to requests that have a look-and-feel unlike Anglo American Platinum’s normal templates.

We have recently issued warnings relating to Requests for Quotations and Purchase Orders issued under the Anglo American Platinum banner by one Terry Hoffman using the email address It has subsequently come to our attention that similar requests are being issued under the names Dennis Chapman using the email address, as well as Thomas Bullmore using the email address

Anglo American Platinum has aligned with our Group’s email address convention of We will not issue any correspondence under any other email format.

Should your company receive any correspondence from any of the above mentioned individuals, or from an email address that is not as per the above format you are advised to proceed with extreme caution. Formal channels are available on our website for reporting of suspect activity.

If you have any questions on this, or any other similar matter that seems suspicious, kindly contact Vicky Mollett at 011 373 6380

It is important not to engage or further communicate with the sender of the suspect requests.

Yours sincerely

Anglo American Platinum Supply Chain Management


Anglo Platinum Limited


55 Marshall Street, Johannesburg, 2000, South Africa

A member of the Anglo American plc group

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