May 2016 – Basil’s Boma

On Tuesday 10 May we all went out to the Skeerpoort bushveld for a very special Tourism Networking Lunch at Basil’s Boma. Joanne has been a member of our association since the beginning and she proved to be a marvellous host! When arriving at this unique venue, daiquiris were waiting for us, we modestly celebrated Glen Afric Country Lodge Nikki’s birthday and our HTA Chairman Iain Gunn stressed the importance of ”smaller” businesses like Basil’s Boma in our area. Only together we can make Harties grow and venues and people like this add more flavour to the HTA than any of the bigger companies can ever do!

Instead of spoiling the day, the rain made it even more special this time of the year and everyone enjoyed the smells of the bushveld receiving this very welcome moisture. Many oohs and aahs arrised when we were shown how to make fire with virtually nothing; true Bush Craft! When a bit later the sun returned during a delicious lunch, all were amazed by the views and Bernadine and Catherine from The Spa-Xpress Mobile Spa provided some fantastic Neck & Shoulder Massages.

We couldn’t have wished for more! Thank you for your incredible hospitality Joanne!!

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