HTA Member Tombola

After a month of April studded with holidays and long week-ends, the harsh reality of life sets back in.

To help us all keep the sun on our face and a smile in our hearts,
we want to make sure everyone gets a taste of the good stuff!

Huh? Keep reading….

Yeah, we want to be sure everyone gets to have fun.

Crazy, I know.

Daring, too.
And that’s why I am asking everyone – yes, every one, and that means YOU, TOO! – to give prices for
next month’s tombola.

It can be a free anything: a bottle of wine, a branded xtra fluffy bathrobe, a spa treatment, free accommodation,
a cuddly cheetah to take home, a free ride / slide / flight (Thanks, Dave) / tour / meal / – whatever it is you’ve got.

Only 1 rule: Make It Count!
We want to have fun, invite each other over, and show what we’ve got.

Now the questions:

The next tombola will be at lunch in June,
and thereafter periodically, every 3 months or so.

You bring your business card, and we’ll draw from the hat.

Are there limits?
You bet! One entry per person.
If you ain’t got a business card, take your bosses’ and write your name over his.
He’ll like that!

Is there more?
Yep. We’ll tell y’all at lunch…

What’s up for grabs?
That’s entirely up to you!
If you wanna win, put sumthin’ in!

Serious: send me your price to go in for the draw as a reply to this mail.

Fill this in below
Price given to hta members:
How often:
(only this time? or the whole year? C’mon, You Can Do It! )

Thank Y’all for reading this far.


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Update from our May tourism lunch

Tuesday 9 May at Black Fox Eatery – Big thank you to Orpa, Stephan and their team!

Black fox

Follow this link for photos posted on Facebook, even if you don’t have a Facebook account.

Points discussed:

  1.  Mike Benn – Apologies from Iain Gunn, who is tied up in another meeting. Those who haven’t paid their membership fee for 2017 yet, please do so asap. Thank you to everyone who has paid. Tourism Friendly in cooperation with HTA is busy developing a Harties Tourism Newspaper to promote the whole area. This will be a huge success at the Gauteng Getaway Show in September. Options for nice big signage are also being looked at.
  2. Donne Gunn – Tourism Friendly, Harties Boat Company, La Dolce Vita, Bill Harrop’s Ballooning, Van Brakel Adventures, DVR Event Management and Lion & Safari Park are going to the Durban INDABA to represent the Harties area by ‘’Putting The Smile Back Into Tourism’’. Everyone should use #INDABA2017 on their Social Media to link in and show the world that Harties is the place to be.
  3. Chris Grosch – From now on we will host a tombola at HTA Networking Lunches every 3 months, so in June, September and a special big one in December. All members are requested to sponsor prizes for at least one of them, but preferably all! It could be anything, small or big. Please contact
  4. Dilo van Commenee – We are busy planning all Networking Lunches for the whole year, so anyone who would like to host, please contact The next lunch will be on 13 June at French Toast.
    Also please keep sending through specials, packages, fun facts, lekker anecdotes or anything else that we could share on HTA Social Media.


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